What Your Storefront Says About You

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June 23, 2020
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What Your Storefront Says About You

New York City, USA - June 25, 2018: Luxury jewelry storefront of Tiffany's fashion shop in Greene Street in Soho Cast Iron historic District

Stores are an essential part of our economy. These are the places where people find all of the goods and services they need or want. Whether you sell food or clothing, the way your store looks makes an impact on your customers’ opinion of your business. First impressions are the first thing customers think about when they see your storefront. They look at the upkeep, products, prices and employees every time they visit. Did you know that  90% of customers say that the first impression of your store influences their decision of entering an establishment or not? Keep scrolling to learn what your storefront says about you and learn what you need to do to keep a good lasting impression.

Engaging Employees

Even if you have the cleanest store in your area, that doesn’t guarantee customers if your employees are not engaging, answering questions or helping visitors out. For most customers, the environment they enter influences their mood, behavior and actions. If they walk into a business that is not maintained and gloomy, they are more likely to mirror the atmosphere and show the same disregard and carelessness that your store exudes. The best way to avoid customers reacting this way is to train and encourage your employees to have proper work etiquette, the willingness to help customers and to stay inviting and friendly. If your employees stick to these tactics, then your customers will most likely shop again and recommend your company to other people.

Keeping Up With Cleaning

A major aspect of what your storefront says about your business is the cleanliness. Customers prefer to shop at vibrant and clean inside and outside environments. Most customers do not want to enter a dirty, unkempt store. A dirty establishment tells your customers that you do not care about the products or services you sell, which in turn, may cause consumers to leave and a loss of sales. Avoid these situations by maintaining and cleaning your storefront inside and outside on a daily basis. Below are a few ways to practice proper store cleaning habits.

Inside Cleaning

Cleaning the inside of your store can be simple and efficient. All storefronts must follow the Premise Liability Law. This law states that:

All companies must keep stores free of any hazards that may cause bodily harm to customers and employees.

As a way to follow the Premise Liability law, make sure to clean daily with cleaning supplies such as disinfectant wipes, soap, sprays, mop and broom in the following areas:

  • restrooms
  • floors
  • counters
  • aisles
  • doors
  • windows and,
  • cash registers

Practicing proper sanitation and cleanliness is crucial in this day of age to avoid the spread of any viruses and diseases. To make the cleaning job easier, you can hire a local professional cleaning company who knows how to properly clean and sanitize.

Outside Cleaning

Outside cleaning is a little more trickier than cleaning the inside of an establishment. While cleaning the outside of your storefront, you have to be aware of the dirt, grime, weather and graffiti on walls, roofs, sidewalks and signage. And whenever you see any of these issues, your company needs to take care of it right away.

To quickly rid your walls and sidewalks of any dirt, grime or graffiti, pressure washing is the most effective cleaning method. Pressure washing involves using a high-pressure water spray to remove dirt and grime from surfaces and objects. You can pressure wash on your own but it can take hours and loads of equipment. That’s why we recommend working with a cleaning maintenance company who already owns and knows how to use all the equipment.

Cleaning store signage is a little trickier on your own especially if the sign is higher up. You can set-up a ladder and spend hours cleaning every nook and cranny or you can hire an outside cleaning service like Storefront Maintenance who are knowledgeable in outdoor cleaning. They are experts in cleaning acrylic signs, metal signs, aluminum signs and channel lettering.

Keeping Up With Maintenance

Now that you’re done cleaning your storefront, it’s time to keep up with the maintenance. A store’s maintenance is one of the main features that helps a store continue to run. Keeping up with your store’s maintenance not only includes cleaning but also:

  • staying on top of health and safety requirements
  • fixing any broken appliances,
  • ensure that plumbing and electricity are in tip-top shape

You can easily stay on top of your store’s maintenance by:

  • creating a checklist for you or your employees to check off every day or
  • you can hire a maintenance team or technician to keep things flowing smoothly.

Nationwide Maintenance and Storefront Maintenance can handle all your maintenance needs for inside and outside your storefront.

By having a clean and friendly store environment inside and outside, your company is more likely to keep existing customers and gain more in the future. Keeping your storefront pristine and presentable for customers does not have to make or break your company. Instead, Storefront Maintenance can take care of all your outside cleaning needs. Contact us today to learn more information, get a quote or schedule an appointment.


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