Hire Nationwide for Grime and Gum Removal

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Hire Nationwide for Grime and Gum Removal

Grime and Gum Removal

Gum is fun to chew, and also quite beneficial. From helping you stay focused, to improving your memory, chewing gum offers many advantages. This is a good thing. While we encourage you to take advantage of those benefits that gum offers, we don’t encourage you to dispose of them onto the sidewalks.

Improper disposal of gum will soon result in unsightly black smudges on your concrete. Once there long enough, it seeps into the concrete pores, creating an ugly lasting impression. The presence of gum- and grime-free sidewalks give off a great first impression for your establishment.

Grime and Gum on Sidewalks

The common problem for all business owners continues to grow: the burden of gum and grime surrounding their building. This problem may not seem serious, but gum stuck on the sidewalks aren’t just aesthetic problems. The grime, gum and black dots created on the sidewalks are a health and walking hazard. Up to 50,000 bacteria is able to be found in gum, which is why it becomes such a public health risk.

It’s crucial to have a grime and gum removal done as soon as possible by a professional. This helps keep the entire entrance area gum-free, brightened and fresh. It also inhibits other people from spitting their gum out in a well-cared-for area. The exterior should look as nice as the interior of your building. The power-washing professionals follow the most sustainable methods. They do this while trying not to use too much water or too strong chemicals for the removal of grime and gum.

Benefits of a Pressure Washing Service

You Don’t Have to Buy Your Own Pressure Washer

A functional, good-quality pressure washer will easily cost you thousands of dollars. Even if you manage to purchase it, you might only use it two times a year. You’ll also have to do research on the functionality of the machine before use. A professional service can handle it all and leave your sidewalk looking great.

The Pros Handle the Dangerous, Hard-to-Reach Places

Pulling out a ladder during the improvement of your business puts yourself at risk for a fall. Managing a powerful pressure washer while reaching for high places on your building increases that danger. The professionals are well-trained for this. They will use the safest equipment to ensure everyone’s safety while doing their work.

Avoid Dealing with Cleaners and Chemicals

Power washing companies use special cleaners, soaps and chemicals to clean each surface. Understanding the best solution for your job requires a lot of research. A pressure washing company can evaluate the specific compounds that work best for your building’s issues.

Hire Nationwide for Grime and Gum Removal

The area to be cleaned might be much larger than you and the staff has time for. Nationwide Maintenance not only removes the gum and grime but also cleans the concrete of any stains and spills. This can be done at a time of day that minimizes the inconvenience of the customers. You’d rather not settle for any amateur pressure washer service.

The damaged concrete, swirl marks and inconsistent, patchy cleaning is proof of their unprofessional mentality. Gum removal may be their challenge. Nationwide Maintenance uses specific tools, flexible pressures and cleaning agents to do the job right each time. It’s best to get a routine sidewalk pressure washing.

This is because a high-stained sidewalk with a buildup of gum and grime is way harder to clean. It requires more time, detergent and maybe even a complete resurfacing to return it to its new look again. Basic sidewalk cleaning would be the removal of dirt, food, bacteria and bird droppings. Our service will follow industry procedures to remove these substances and ensure a positive image for your building.

Removing gum from your sidewalks is quite the sticky business. Over time, it’ll turn into an unpleasant black smudge that soaks into the tiny pores of the concrete. This makes it almost impossible to remove. Our experts at Nationwide Maintenance will remove gum from the surfaces of your sidewalk in quick time.

We can help prevent bothersome stains and any other damages to your sidewalk. Removing grease stains from sidewalks also requires professional equipment, expertise and products. Lucky for you, our experts can help clean that right up. We know the best ways to break down grease and grime and remove it entirely from your sidewalks.


Do not avoid the noticeable gum and grime in the high traffic areas and around your building’s entrance area. Remove all of the stains, grease, gum and dirt from your sidewalks before you notice the traffic disappear.

Allow for Nationwide Maintenance to help you keep your sidewalks free of grime, gum and anything else stuck on your concrete. Our service offers a quick, economical and effective method of keeping your establishment free of gross grime and gum. For more information, visit our website. For our power washing services, contact us today!