Nationwide Maintenance offers Cleaning Services to maintain your business or facility. Our firm offers full cleaning services for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. We are an accredited business and School Certified throughout New York State.

We offer interior painting as well as awning cleaning, graffiti removal, window cleaning and floor buffing throughout the entire tri-state area.

Windows & Gutters Cleaning

Our trained professionals will clean your windows inside and out with a non-harsh cleaning solution.

Our experienced firm services schools, government facilities and business with window cleaning and gutter debris removal.

  • Window Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning | Gutter Repairs
  • Maintenance Contracts

Awning Sign Cleaning

Awning / Sign Cleaning | Awning / Sign Repair

Our dedicated technicians and staff are focused on maintaining your business for you and creating the appearance that you seek. We will pressure treat your awning with low pressure wash by hand. We strive to maintain an appearance of professionalism for your company. Our dedicated staff knows that your clients all presume your success as well as there is by appearances. "You never have a second chance at making a first impression"

Did you know maintaining your awning can provide you with nearly a 40% longer life span of the fabric?
Awning Cleaning Power Washing

Parking Lots Cleaning & Repair

Parking Lot Cleaning | Parking Lot Repairs

Flood Damage, Fire Damage mitigation and restoration.

Construction Services Power Washing Parking Lot Services

Construction Cleanups & Punch List Items

Whether your company is remodeling, completing a building expansion, or completely renovating a commercial space, We will clean up the mess. Our cleaning crew will wash down all surfaces to completely remove dust from walls, floors, ductwork, vents, ceiling pipes, light fixtures, etc.

Now that you have invested so much time, money and effort into remodeling or building your new office space we're certain you'll want its final presentation to be clean and beautiful. Don't move in until Nationwide Maintenance provides the post construction clean-up. Your office or building's debut is of utmost importance and with Nationwide Maintenance's construction clean-up; the interior and exterior of your property will look clean, smell fresh and instill a sense of pride among its new occupants.

Our construction clean-up services include the following and much more:
  • Dumpster Service
  • Debris Removal
  • Washing all surfaces
  • High dust removal from ceiling pipes, duct work, vents, light fixtures, etc.
  • Stain removal, scrubbing, dusting and vacuuming of all surfaces including trim work and office furniture.
  • Cleaning of the insides of desks and file cabinets.
  • Full sanitizing of kitchens and bathrooms to make them ready for your use.
  • Scrub floors and tiles, polish stainless steel, wipe walls and more.
  • Floor cleaning, waxing and buffing.
  • Cleaning windowsills and window frames.
  • Window and glass cleaning including scraping and etching removal.

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