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August 1, 2019

Awning Cleaning

Pressure wash | Power-washing | Soft Washing | Hand Wash

With all of the daily environment that comes in contact with your awning it is probably overdue for a cleaning. Many factors such as acid rain, soot, smog, vehicle exhausts and other harsh outdoor hazards can leave layers of residue and debris on your awning. If you want your fabric investment to stand up to the environment today, then it's time to plan a proper maintenance program. Give us a call today so our customer service team can give you a free quote!

Would you want to eat in a restaurant that has dirty awnings? Maybe the kitchen is kept in the same way. With proper maintenance of awnings many problems can be avoided. Most people are not aware that industrial fabric manufacturers recommend some type of cleaning as early as 90 days after installation. Nationwide Maintenance can service all of your awning restoration needs this Summer! Let us bring out the color your awning was when it was brand new!

Our dedicated technicians and staff are focused on maintaining your business for you and creating the appearance that you seek. We will pressure treat your awning with low pressure wash by hand. We strive to maintain an appearance of professionalism for your company. Our dedicated staff knows that your clients all presume your success as well as there is by appearances. "You never have a second chance at making a first impression"

Did you know maintaining your awning can provide you with nearly a 40% longer life span of the fabric?

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