Sidewalk Gum Removal

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Sidewalk Gum Removal

Grime and Gum Removal

Gum that is disposed of improperly is a common issue that causes pollution. This can lead people to stepping on the gum and having it stuck to their clothing. This is an unpleasant experience, so it’s important to seek out a removal service when the problem gets out of hand. The following is how gum removal works, and why you should consider getting help from a professional gum removal service.


There is a specific process that is required to properly remove it from sidewalks. The gum should be removed with a power washer that can dish out 4000 psi of pressure to maximize efficiency. Once the gum is completely removed, it’s important to wash the sidewalk with chemicals. This will ensure that any dirt, grime, or grease build up will be washed away. Using a floor machine is also an important step for evening out any remaining stains.

Sidewalk Gum Maintenance

It would be unfortunate if you paid for a gum removal service, and find that the problem reappears. This is why it’s so essential to properly maintain your sidewalk to prevent an excessive amount of build up. Maintenance can be performed on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis by power washing and deodorizing the area.

Why Hire a Gum Removal Service?

Owning a business is one of the best reasons to hire a removal service. You want customers to be satisfied with their experience at your business, and having an entrance that is covered with gum may turn them away. This is especially important if you own a restaurant, because you want your customers to maintain their appetite and be sure that your establishment is sanitary. Removing it manually can be a painstaking process that may take hours to complete. Hiring a professional gum removal service that is equipped with the proper tools will save you a large amount of time and effort.

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