What Is Our Awning Cleaning Process?

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February 24, 2020
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What Is Our Awning Cleaning Process?

A before and after look at an awning that has been cleaned

When it comes to your storefront, awnings protect customers from the weather and give your store a finished look. That is why you should choose Nationwide Maintenance to clean your awning. We’ve cleaned awnings for over 30 years, so we’ve perfected the way to get the job done efficiently and achieve the best results.

What Does Our Awning Cleaning Process Look Like?

Most maintenance companies use a pressure washer to clean the dirt from the vinyl fabric on your awnings. Some power washers have over 3,500 PSI, which can create holes or streaks in your awning fabric, doing more damage than good.

Instead of using power washers to clean your awnings, Nationwide Maintenance uses professional horsehair brushes, low pressure and mild soap. In addition to these gentle products, Nationwide Maintenance also implements special techniques to get outstanding results.

Bonus: We Offer Resurfacing and Protection

Nationwide Maintenance does not stop when your awnings are clean and dry, we take maintenance to the next level.  Once we’ve finished removed the grime we add a Scotchgard, wax coating to cloth awnings. If you have vinyl awnings we put on a special aqua-cote product to increase the fabric’s vibrancy.

This resurfacing is cost-effective, available in different colors, comes in a matte or gloss finish and prolongs the life of your awnings without detaching them from your building.

Nationwide Maintenance’s aqua-cote resurface coating is weather-resistant and environmentally-friendly. The coating lasts for five to seven years which is great!

Give Nationwide Maintenance a call today for a free estimate or for them to do a free test spot. You will not regret it when you choose them for all your cleaning and maintaining needs. Their services do not stop with awnings as they remove gum from sidewalks, do painting, floor and ceiling installs, drywall repairs, snow removal and so much more. Your business will always look amazing with their impeccable services. Your maintenance needs will all be met at any day or time with their 24/7 emergency care. Call (888) 829-1313 for more information and get all your awning cleaning questions answered.