Proud to Partner with Purity to Keep Our Clients Safe

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May 5, 2020
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Nationwide Maintenance COVID-19 Disinfecting Services Available
May 26, 2020
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Proud to Partner with Purity to Keep Our Clients Safe

Purity working on germs

With the Coronavirus running rampant, everyone’s focus has shifted to keeping ourselves safe from germs. This virus has highlighted problem areas and reaffirmed what steps need to be taken to prevent the most people from getting sick. Not only do we need to take extra precautions in public spaces, we also need to make sure to do a thorough cleaning in our own homes.

Nationwide Maintenance has expanded our services to include residential cleaning and partnered with Purity Solution. With over 30 years of experience in professional cleaning, we will be able to clean both your home and your business with great care and efficiency. It can be hard to get your own cleaning supplies right now and we can help with our new partnership.

Places We Treat with Purity

We offer cleaning services for a variety of places, which now includes your own home. The following places are those that we will treat:

Medical Facilities

It is imperative the medical facilities be as clean as often as possible during this time. We provide cleaning services to hospitals and animal hospitals. Protecting you and your pets during medical care should be a given. We help to make it possible.


While traveling is not at the top of anyone’s priority list at the moment, it will come back as we move forward. We service airplanes, plane terminals, hotels, buses, taxis and Ubers. This will help keep you safe during your travel needs.


Workplaces can be a high-traffic and large problem area. By providing cleaning services to business offices, we will help people return to work and feel safe while doing so.


As things shift with places reopening, we need to continue to make sure people feel safe going out. Fitness centers and rehabilitation centers are important places. We offer cleaning services to make sure people can work out safely in public.


Restaurants will begin to open back up. To bring in customers, you will need to assure them that your restaurant is safe and clean. We offer services to clean here as well.


Schools, classrooms and college dorms are places where many germs can grow and spread.


Cruise ships, movie theaters, music venues and sports arenas will be opening back up as well. We help to clean these areas.


We have recently added residential cleaning to our list of services. Now you can have professional deep cleaning services available to you. It may be difficult to deep clean your home as often as you like. Let us do this for you to make sure you and your family are safe.

Joining with Purity Solution

Our partnership with Purity Solution will provide the most effective cleaning service possible. We are constantly striving to do better and this partnership will help us serve our customers better by providing superior cleaning solutions.

About Purity Solution

Purity Solution offers a hi-tech biofilm that is able to protect surfaces against Coronavirus for up to 90 days. This is a great help in our fight against this virus, which can live on surfaces longer than other viruses. This solution uses electrostatic spray technology combined with an Environmental Protection Agency approved formula. This disinfects and protects against harmful microbes.

Purity Solution is number one in customer satisfaction for both residential and commercial disinfection. The company’s goal is to help protect your space to be able to get things back to normal. It provides a proprietary sealant to apply a protective coating. This coating is able to destroy up to 99.8 percent of harmful microbes. It goes beyond just disinfecting.

Just Disinfecting Leaves You Vulnerable

With how quickly this virus spreads, you want to take as many precautions as possible. Disinfecting may take care of some of the  germs that are currently on the surface, but it won’t protect against additional germs that may come into contact with that surface or take care of clusters. Clusters of germs can actually resist disinfectants, so you may think that something is free of germs, but it isn’t.

Purity is Safe for Pets and People

When cleaning in your home, you need to be sure that what you use is safe for people and pets. If you use harmful chemicals, you will need to take extra precautions to be sure that your kids and pets are safe. You don’t want to risk them coming into contact with some of these treatments. The great thing about Purity Solution’s methods is that the disinfectant agent that is used is safe for both people and pets.

Stronger Together with Purity

By partnering together with Purity Solution, we will be better able to serve our clients. You are our priority.

Our world is changed and we need to change along with it to reduce the amount of people who get sick. We are proud to serve you in all of the areas above and are excited about our partnership with Purity.