Graffiti Removal Services

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We Offer Three Types of Graffiti Removal
June 2, 2020
Clean storefront attracts patrons
A Clean Building Will Bring in Patrons
June 23, 2020
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Graffiti Removal Services

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Although the country is beginning to open back up after enduring months of stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19, there are other reasons to be concerned about protecting your business from graffiti and physical damage. What is the best course of action to keep your business safe in these uncertain times? Nationwide Maintenance wants to help protect your commercial property during this uneasy time. The best ways to protect your commercial property is to have it professionally boarded up to protect the glass windows.

Protecting Your Business

After seeing the destruction caused by the riots and looting that occurred in several different cities, it stands to reason that you need to protect your business from potential damage or theft. For 30 years, Nationwide Maintenance has been providing interior and exterior services and are equipped to handle anything from handyman repairs to complete demolition. We will help you provide protection for your commercial property by boarding up glass windows and can even provide graffiti guards. Consider that by boarding up your business you are saving yourself the pain of having to discover your business damaged or items stolen, as well as saving yourself from having to pay for repairs. If you have already experienced property damage, we can help repair damaged walls, sidewalks, glass and window repair as well as graffiti removal.

Remove Graffiti and Attract More Customers

There are three things that people generally look at when the visit a business. We call them the “if trio”. If the …

  • Outside of your building is in poor condition, it can affect your business’ reputation.
  • Exterior of the building is dirty or has cracks in the walls or has overgrown weeds, it speaks to those who own the property.
  • Owners don’t care about the outside, then how poorly does the inside look?

This is why those who are in retail design realize that clean and contemporary buildings are what attracts potential customers. Realize that it is not just retail businesses that need to keep attractive window displays and keep up appearances; it is important for all businesses to do this. However, what if your business can’t afford to completely redo their storefront? Consider pressure washing and other outside repair. Nationwide Maintenance provides pressure washing and graffiti removal which is a more affordable way to spruce up your building’s appearance.

Earn Higher Profits

Getting customers in the door is half of the battle. Once the customer has come into your business and has taken a look around, there is a much greater chance that they will purchase something. Obviously, offering a needed product is a way to make a profit, but how do you make that product attractive to potential clients? This is another reason why you need to keep the outside appearance of your business looking clean and well kept.

Engage Employees

Are your employees engaged and have positive attitudes? This is another important part of your business’ appearance. A smiling face with a helpful attitude is what customers are looking for when they are shopping. Positive employees will provide a positive experience for your clientele. You cannot engage your employees if there is an unhealthy work environment. Keeping a clean environment, inside and outside, helps to promote a positive and healthy environment all around.

Liability Protection

You may not even realize that your business’ exterior could potentially be hazardous for customers. For example, if you run an automobile mechanic shop, you can have dangerous tools and chemicals. Chemical spills are common, and your customers could slip and fall. There are other areas where hazardous waste can be found, such as around your dumpster. With these dangerous situations comes the chance of a lawsuit. Protect your business and prevent lawsuits by keeping up your building’s appearance.

Nationwide Maintenance is a full service maintenance and construction company that also provides 24 hour emergency services. Our company takes care to ensure complete customer satisfaction and stick to our motto:

“We build it, clean it, maintain it, repair it, modify and update your business or facility of any type.”

We are dedicated to helping you protect and repair your commercial property.