5 Ways to Improve Your Storefront to Attract Customers

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5 Ways to Improve Your Storefront to Attract Customers

There are plenty of ways to help bring up your foot traffic through different types of media. But have you thought about ways to attract customers with your storefront? Everyone walking outside your storefront is a potential customer! With any brick and mortar business, increasing walk-ins is something you always want to try to improve. That’s because the more walk-ins you have, the more likely you are to drive up sales for your company. Here are five ways you can improve your storefront to attract customers in 2020.

Maintain Your Storefront

A storefront can catch the attention of passersby. But what you don’t want is to get their attention because your store looks run-down and dirty! You want to attract attention to your store because it is well-maintained. 

Keep your storefront well-maintained by regularly cleaning your windows and sweeping the sidewalk and or entrance. Other things like replacing peeling paint and fixing up signs can be done as needed. A clean exterior gives your store a much more inviting look and can help increase the amount of people walking through your doors.

Use a Sidewalk Sign

Have you considered using a sidewalk sign in front of your store? Putting something more prominent out front like a sidewalk sign can be eye-catching. 

When using a sidewalk sign, you want to keep your message simple yet effective. Try to focus on what your target customer wants. For example, do you have free trials or more variety compared to other stores? Write your message in a clear, simple way, trying not to use too many words or be too complicated. The longer the message is, the less likely passersby will read it. And finally, keep your sign clean and try to rotate the message every few days to keep it interesting. 

Put Out Your Best

You want to utilize your storefront window to show off what you have at the store. Take advantage of your window space to display your best products! You want people who are walking by to see what your store has to offer. Putting out your best products lets onlookers see what you have inside. 

Your best products can be a number of things. It could be your store’s best selling items, your newest inventory or products that can best grab people’s attention.

Keep It Minimal

Your window display is one of the first things that people notice when they walk by. You want it to be memorable, not forgettable. And to do that, you want to keep your window display minimal.

Things that are cluttered and messy can be an eyesore. So the last thing you want for your window display is too much information, signs and clutter. Storefronts that are bombarded with a hodgepodge of things can cause confusion or turn people’s attention away. 

Keep things minimal with centerpieces that are tasteful and intentional, keeping it simple so onlookers can easily move their eyes from one place to the next. You don’t need to overdo your storefront to get the attention you want. 

Make Your Storefront Go Green

A simple improvement for your storefront is to just add plants! Lush green plants can make your storefront look livelier and more welcoming. 

Try adding large potted greenery outside your store or in your windows. Or if your window displays call for something a bit smaller, you can opt for medium sized plants to be paired with centerpieces or smaller sized plants to place on shelves. 

These are just a few of the many ways you can improve your storefront in 2020! Get the attention of passersby to bring in new customers and also keep your loyal customers coming back for more!

Whether it be maintaining your storefront exterior or helping set up new shelving for a window display, Nationwide Maintenance can assist you. With over 30 years of commercial maintenance and construction experience, we provide services ranging from sidewalk cleaning to renovating and construction projects. Contact Nationwide Maintenance to get started on improving your storefront today!