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All Nationwide Maintenance technicians provide commercial tree removal, tree pruning, tree care services year round to commercial property owners in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas. Before the Winter months are upon us, it is very wise to have us service your property. The weight of snow upon tree limbs can make them collapse at anytime! During a storm with heavy snowfall and high winds any tree has a high risk of succumbing to the incredible forces of nature. Our professional tree trimming companies are compromised of licensed, certified, and insured specialists in the cultivation and care of trees, shrubs, maintenance, including the prevention and treatment of tree diseases. In addition, Nationwide Maintenance provides commercial landscaping management and maintenance information to ensure that the trees we plant grow and thrive.
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Tree Pruning

Trees ought to be pruned on a regular basis so that they can maintain an even and optimum canopy; tree pruning is a tree service that ensures your trees are healthy; the branches which rub against the limb or against each other are removed in addition to those that are diseased or are infested with insects or damaged. Most people don’t realize that trees die from the top down and, as a result, removing diseased or dead limbs while treating a tree is the ultimate life saver. There are also times when branches may interfere with power lines or they grow into a neighbor’s property and they have to be removed.

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You can report damaged street tree in NY to visit this link:

Report a Damaged or Fallen Tree to New York City Department of Parks & Recreation

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